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With thousands of colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless with our premium quality paints.

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Not just any paint store can sell Benjamin Moore. That’s why Cornerstone Paints is proud to be an authorized dealer of this premium paint brand. It’s not just about picking a pretty color. We know quality matters when it comes to your home or special project. Whether you want to protect your home from the elements, transform a space or set the tone in the room - paint has the power to do it all. And we are here to help you create your vision.

As a family owned, locally operated store, we place a high value on building customer relationships. We want to be your trusted neighborhood store for all your painting needs. We offer in-store tutorials and other services to help you get started. When you buy from Cornerstone Paints, we pour back into the community by employing local people, contributing to local taxes and supporting local philanthropic efforts. We proudly serve Northlake and the Greater Atlanta metro area.

Experience Our Innovative Design Studio


Finding your perfect color just got easier. Our design studio includes a 24-foot Benjamin Moore color display, a feature available in less than 10 percent of stores nationwide. With full access to the color libraries of our competitors, we can also color match. Still not finding what you love? Let us create your custom color.

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Proudly Particular : Benjamin-Moore

Why does Benjamin-Moore offer so many color options? Because we cater to particular people. see what a difference color can make for you. 

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See the 2019 Benjamin-Moore Color of the year. AF-690 Metropolitan.